The Fibre and Textile Show for Cornwall 
Heartlands, 30th April 2017


 This exciting new show will be held at Heartlands, Pool, TR15 3QY on 30th April 2017.

Please take a look at the wonderful stall holders who will be joining us.  Our venue is now properly full with an amazing array of exteremely talented textile artists as well as some incredible suppliers who will be able to help you satisfy your crafty needs.

Don't forget to check our Facebook page where regualar updates are posted.

If you'd like more information, please contact Sue on 07738 234190 or email


The Great Hall
Robinson's Shaft
Dudnance Lane, Pool
Redruth, Cornwall
TR15 3QY

Directions, parking and other information about the venue can be found at: 


We have a stunning array of stallholders who are each experts in their field.  Whether you're coming to seek inspiration, buy supplies for your favourite textile craft (or one you've dreamed of trying) or ask advice, there will be someone here to help.  Do, also, have a look at our 'Gallery' page where additional inspiring images can be found.

As a reminder of where much of this creativity has its roots, we have the lovely Leo, our poster boy pet lamb.
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